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Are Audiobooks The Same As CDs?

As digital storage and cloud storage become more accepted, some of the older forms of data storage are disappearing. For years, the purchase of compact discs (CDs) was a usual and convenient way of acquiring music, audiobooks, computer programs, and even photographs. Many new computers today no longer have CD drives, as they have been …

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Do Audiobooks Take Up Data?

Many people today use their mobile devices to listen to audiobooks while commuting, using a treadmill, or doing any other task that requires hands-free operation. For those who need to consider the cost of data on their mobile plan, however, it can be a concern that data is being slowly but steadily consumed by these …

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How Do Books Bring Us Together?

Many individuals have a need to find others, interact with them, and engage in meaningful relationships. The drive to find others who share ideas, interests, and a common knowledge base is satisfied by communication, cooperative activities, and growth of trust. Shared immersion in books can also foster togetherness. Books can bring us together. Rather, reading …

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