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Do Audiobooks Credits Expire

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Do you use audiobooks and wonder if the credits from those subscriptions ever expire? You’re not alone. As an avid Audible user myself, I know how important it is to understand your expiration periods so that you can make the best use of your membership.

Audible credits do have an expiry date—usually after 12 months or upon cancellation of the subscription. In this post, we discuss what happens when audible credits expire and provide useful tips for using them before they become invalid!

Do Audiobooks Credits Expire

Do Audiobooks Credits Expire

Do Audible Credits Expire?

Do Audiobooks Credits Expire

Do Audiobooks Credits Expire

Audible credits come with an expiration date, usually 12 months after they are issued or upon membership cancellation. It is therefore important for users to allocate and spend their credits before the expiry date.

Do Audiobooks Credits Expire

Do Audiobooks Credits Expire

Yes, credits do expire after 12 months or upon membership cancellation.

Audible credits are a great way to access countless titles and stories, but what happens when they expire? Audible credits expire 12 months from the date of issue or upon membership cancellation.

This presents an important window of opportunity for members—the one-year timeline requires audiobook lovers to plan ahead and make use of their credits before they disappear. Unused credits will no longer be valid if they reach their expiration date, so it’s essential that users make sure all their earned credits are used before any member subscriptions are canceled or levied with expiry dates.

Failing to do so may cause you to miss out on many credit’s worth of potential entertainment!

The importance of spending credits before they expire

It is essential for audiobook lovers to spend their Audible credits before they expire, as all unused credits expire after 12 months. A maximum of 6 credits can be held at any one time by a single user and each month subscribers receive up to 1 credit, depending on the membership tier.

This means that if users do not charge their card to renew or cancel the subscription between cycles, they risk losing those remaining uncashed credits. Therefore, it’s important for them to use their current available credits so they don’t go to waste.

In addition to using existing credits wisely before expiry, audiobook fans should also take advantage of the various options available when spending their hard-earned money on digital content.

With an Audible membership, members can purchase books at discounted rates compared with non-members, and have access to special offers and exclusive discounts related to particular products, such as eBooks or even gift memberships, which allow family and friends access to obtain audiobooks from the extensive library of titles.

FAQs about Audible Credit Expiration

Do Audiobooks Credits Expire

Do Audiobooks Credits Expire

This section covers frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Audible credits and their expiration, such as details about unused credits, transferability of credits, criteria for credit retention, how to check the expiry date of your credits, and more.

What happens to unused credits?

When a membership is cancelled, any unused Audible credits will be terminated and can no longer be used. Any audiobooks purchased with those credits remain available in the user’s library so long as they remain an active member.

Signing up for another membership or transferring your account to someone else will not allow you to restore any unused credits that have already expired. It is therefore important to use all of the available credits before they expire after 12 months from when they were issued, or upon cancellation of your membership.

Can unused credits be transferred?

Unfortunately, unused credits are not transferable from one account to another. Audible does not allow users to transfer any credits for any reason. However, you can gift an Audible credit to someone else, which is essentially the same as transferring a credit, but it must be redeemed by the recipient within 2 years of purchase.

Additionally, loyalty rewards like free audiobooks and other perks for being part of special programs may also be gifted or transferred in certain cases, if those options are available through the specific program’s terms and conditions.

Ultimately, there are no ways to move unused credits between different accounts, as it simply isn’t supported by either Audible or Amazon at this time. This means that members need to decide how best to use their available credits with efficiency before they expire due to dormancy or membership cancellation.

How many credits can be held at once?

Audible allows members to hold up to 6 credits in their account. This limit applies whether the credits were bought or received as a gift from another user. The validity of used and unused credits is always for one year, which means the earliest expiry date counts towards all holdings, no matter how long they have been held for.

As such, users should ensure they spend their existing credits regularly before building up their store of credits beyond the maximum allowed number.

Accruing multiple Audiobook credits can be a useful way to enjoy books at a discounted price; however, users must remain aware of when these expire, lest they lose out on the money spent or have their account suspended due to so many expired items still being held past the expiration date.

How often do new credits become available?

Audible credits are issued monthly to members and can be collected via an active subscription. They are available at the start of every billing period, usually on the same day that each member is charged.

Do Audiobooks Credits Expire

Consequently, new credits become available for use regularly if a membership remains active, since they reset automatically with each renewal cycle. It’s important for audiobook fans to stay abreast of this schedule in order to take full advantage of their Audible privileges; it’s wise to spend any unused credits that may have accumulated prior to expiry, as they cannot be carried over once a contract lapse or cancellation occurs, and they won’t supplement existing funds or extend subscription timeframes either.

Reward windows tend to remain fixed after activation, so missing out could mean being deprived from using your credits, which negatively impacts listening activities, like unlocking bonus selections or accessing extra editions.

How to check the expiry date of credits

Checking the expiration date of credits is an important part of getting the most out of your Audible membership. Members can view their credit expiration dates within their Audible account, whether on the website or through the mobile app.

For those who use a web browser, they need to sign in to their Audible account. Go to the “My Credits” page and click on “Show Credit Expirations”. Doing so will display all active and expired credits, along with the corresponding expiry information.

However, if you are using the mobile app, after signing in to your account, simply select ‘Account Settings’ followed by tapping ‘Credit Details’. Individual transaction details will appear, which include respective credit expirations and active credits status.

Audible makes it easy for members to stay informed about credit expiration periods by sending email notifications whenever new or renewed credits arrive in their accounts, including when each one is due to expire.

How to Use Audible Credits Before Expiring

You can use your Audible credits to purchase audiobooks or even gifts for other people, meaning that there are plenty of ways to make sure you don’t waste any pre-paid credits before their expiration date.

Do Audiobooks Credits Expire

Do Audiobooks Credits Expire

Purchase Audible audiobooks

Purchasing books with Audible credits is quite easy. All you need to do is sign in with your Amazon Portable ID, and the total number of available credits will be visible on your account dashboard.

Select the book that you’re interested in and click “Purchase Now” to go onto the payment page, where you can use up a credit for the purchase. This process allows users to purchase any title except exclusive members-only content without a payment method; however, additional purchases may require payment information or access to funds via an applicable platform (such as Apple or Google).

With each purchase made using credits, users also gain access to Extra Credits that don’t expire until used. This incentive rewards customers for spending their existing credits regularly.

Gift Audible audiobooks

Gifting Audible credits is a great way for audiobook lovers to share the joy of listening with friends and family. To send an Audible audiobook as a gift, members must have an active membership account in good standing, use valid payment methods, have enough available credits to cover the cost of the purchased audiobook (non-member prices may vary), and be able to provide personal information, such as a recipient’s first name and email address.

Once all criteria have been met, users can conveniently select their chosen audiobook title from among thousands of eligible titles in the catalogue before checking out. However, you should check out the Terms and Conditions when gifting an Audible book, as due dates are set for each redemption—gift receivers must redeem their gifts within 60 days or it will expire.

Doing this ensures that both giver and receiver get the most out of their purchase.


In conclusion, Audible credits do indeed expire. They will be automatically cancelled after 12 months, or whenever a membership is cancelled. It’s important to use these credits before they expire, as unused ones are lost and cannot be transferred or rolled over.

Fortunately, there are many options for using them before they expire, such as purchasing audiobooks, gifting them to another user, exchanging them for an Audible Plus plan subscription, and more.

Keeping on top of credit expiration dates can save users money by minimizing unnecessary losses. The changes in policy by Audible also dictate that any credits received or issued after April 1 2019 have a fixed expiry date of 12 months, regardless of when they were issued.

Therefore, it’s essential to keep track of the expiration date and usage details so as not to miss out on any benefits associated with unused audiobook credits from platforms like Audible!


1. Do audiobook credits expire?

Yes, many audiobook offerings have expiration dates for their credits and subscriptions.

2. What happens if an audiobook credit expires?

If an audiobook credit or subscription expires, it will no longer be valid for use and may need to be renewed or repurchased.

3. Can I extend the expiration date of my audiobook credits?

In some cases, you may be able to extend the validity period of your audiobook credits by contacting customer service or paying a fee. It is best to contact your service provider directly about this option for further details.

4. How can I make sure my audiobooks are not wasted because of expiry?

To avoid wasting any unused credits, keep track of your current redemption status and ensure that all content is downloaded prior to its expiration date, when possible. You could also set reminders on your device alerting you when subscriptions are getting close to expiring.

5. What will happen if an auto-renewal item expires when charging fails? 

If there are insufficient funds available on the payment account, the automatic renewal will fail, and the expired items associated with that account shall become invalid. Customers should check their renewal status regularly and update payment details accordingly whenever necessary.