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How Many Audiobooks Can I Listen to on Audible?

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Audible offers an expansive library of thousands of titles, but your listening capacity ultimately depends on your subscription plan.

With some plans offering up to 24 books per month, determining how many audiobooks can I listen to on Audible becomes more about how much time you have!

What is Audible?

Audible, an Amazon subsidiary, has revolutionized the way we consume literature. Audible provides access to thousands of audiobooks, enabling users to conveniently enjoy literature on the go.

How Many Audiobooks Can I Listen to on Audible?

How Many Audiobooks Can I Listen to on Audible?

The Evolution of Audible

Born in 1995 from Don Katz’s vision for digitizing books into audio format, Audible has significantly evolved over time. The acquisition by Amazon in 2008 spurred its growth further, as it became one of the leading providers of spoken-word entertainment.

In addition to traditional audiobooks, today’s Audible membership also gives users access to podcasts and original productions exclusive for members, largely thanks to their partnership with Amazon.

An Extensive Audiobook Collection at Your Fingertips

The massive library offered by this subscription service spans dozens of genres—mysteries, thrillers, romance novels, science fiction, fantasy, self-help, and so many more. Whether you’re looking to buy bestsellers like Michelle Obama’s “Becoming,” classics like Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice,” or something new from emerging authors, there’s likely an audiobook waiting for you on Audible.

Furthermore, the platform also offers ‘The Originals’—unique programming created exclusively for Audible listeners, including dramas, comedies, documentaries, and more, adding even more depth to the collection and making them a great source for book recommendations.

Much More Than Just Books: Podcasts And Beyond On Audible

Apart from providing a rich repository of free audiobooks, Audible hosts numerous podcasts covering topics ranging from true crime stories to health and wellness advice to business insights, all of which are free with your membership, allowing users to expand their listening experience beyond their favorite books. Audible is truly redefining what it means to have unlimited access to content.

Exploring How Many Audiobooks You Can Listen To on Audible?

Audible has a vast selection of titles, but how many can you listen to? That’s largely dependent on your subscription plan.

How Many Audiobooks Can I Listen to on Audible?

How Many Audiobooks Can I Listen to on Audible?

The Intricacies of Subscription Plans

Your Audible membership dictates the number of books you can enjoy each month. Let’s break down these plans and see what they offer for avid listeners like yourself.

Audible Plus, one popular option, provides unlimited access to a select catalog but doesn’t include new releases or premium content. For those who want more freedom in their listening choices, there are other options, such as Platinum Monthly or Annual Gold, which provide 12 to up to 24 credits per year, respectively, allowing flexibility in choosing new favorite books throughout your subscription period.

Credits: The Key Currency

In Audible’s world, ‘credits’ serve as currency within this massive library; generally speaking, one credit equals one book purchase. That being said, some high-value books may require multiple credits, while others might be cheaper if bought outright without using any credits at all.

In Audible's world, 'credits' serve as currency within this massive library; generally speaking, one credit equals one book purchase. That being said, some high-value books may require multiple credits, while others might be cheaper if bought outright without using any credits at all.

How Many Audiobooks Can I Listen to on Audible?

This unique system means that every billing cycle offers potential new acquisitions, depending on how many tokens (or ‘credits’) come bundled with your chosen package.

Rollover Credits and Sales Allowances

An interesting feature of Audible’s system is rollover credits, where unused ones carry over into subsequent months (up to six months). This means that even when life gets busy, preventing regular listening time, those precious tokens won’t go to waste. Also, let’s not forget about members-only discounts during sales events, where extra titles can be purchased at reduced prices beyond the monthly allotted credits, further increasing the number of books you can listen to annually.

What Makes Audible Different

The allure of audiobooks has been steadily growing, and platforms like Audible have capitalized on this trend, but what makes listening to audiobooks on Audible such a delightful experience? Let’s delve into some key benefits that set Audible apart from other similar services.

A Massive Library at Your Fingertips

With an expansive collection spanning over 200,000 titles, according to their website, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting your next listen. From riveting novels and timeless classics to informative non-fiction works and professional development materials, there’s something for every book lover out there.

How Many Audiobooks Can I Listen to on Audible?

How Many Audiobooks Can I Listen to on Audible?

An Exclusive Content Haven

In addition to traditional audiobook offerings, there is also exclusive content only available via the platform itself as part of its unique selling proposition. These include original shows produced by renowned actors or narrators with an eye for high-quality audio production standards.

Savings Galore with Member Discounts and Sales Events

Your membership gives you access not only to free audiobooks but also to frequent sales events where prices are significantly slashed, as per their policy page. In other words, you can often get to enjoy your favorite books without breaking the bank.

Credits System: More Bang For Your Buck.

As mentioned earlier, this system allows users the flexibility of purchasing new titles while saving money. The process is simple: each credit equals one audiobook, regardless of the price tag. This can lead to substantial savings, particularly when acquiring more traditionally expensive books.

The sleep timer functionality is another great feature offered by the service and is perfect for those who enjoy drifting off to the sounds of an engaging story or a fascinating topic. Set a time limit, after which playback will automatically stop, preventing your device from running all night long and losing your place in the narrative.

Furthermore, you can modify how quickly (or slowly) your audiobooks are read aloud by adjusting narration speed. This is ideal whether you’re trying out speed-reading techniques or seeking a slower pace due to language complexity.

What Devices Can I Use to Listen to Audiobooks on Audible?

The wonders of modern technology allow us to have a virtual library in our pockets every day, but what if you desire even more options? What devices are available for use with your Audible subscription, and how can this broaden the range of books you can enjoy?

Smartphones and Tablets

Audible’s compatibility extends beyond just computers. Your smartphone or tablet—whether iOS or Android—makes for a perfect companion when delving into an audiobook journey.

This convenience means never having a dull moment again, all thanks to your handy device loaded up with free audiobooks from Audible’s massive library.

Laptops and Desktops

If smaller screens aren’t quite your style, don’t worry. Computers offer another avenue with which to enjoy Audible content. Simply log onto Audible’s website, where every title purchased waits patiently in cloud storage, ready for streaming.


You can even download these gems onto a local machine via desktop software provided by Audible, enabling offline listening if connectivity is an issue.

What Other Services Does Audible Offer?

Audible isn’t just an audiobook service. It’s a comprehensive platform that offers podcasts, original audio series, and more.


The podcast collection on Audible is diverse and extensive. You’ll find everything from comedy and news to politics, science, and technology—all at your fingertips. And the best part? Many of these are available for free!

Even if you’ve used up your monthly credits or simply want something other than books occasionally, this feature comes in handy.

Original Audio Series

In addition to traditional audiobooks and podcasts, there’s another exciting category: Audible Originals. These unique narratives are exclusively created by talented writers and performed by skilled actors for the platform itself.

You’ll discover compelling storylines across multiple genres, such as drama, mystery/thriller, and romance, featuring high-quality production value that offers a distinctive listening experience you won’t get elsewhere.

Audiobook Sales and Discounts

Beyond regular subscription plans that come with one or two book credits per month, members often have access to sales events where titles can be purchased at discounted prices. These promotions may include “Daily Deals,” “Member-Only Sales” or special occasions like Black Friday sales, giving members additional opportunities to add new titles to their library without using up their monthly credit(s).

Sleep Stories And Meditation

Mindfulness practices like meditation have gained popularity in recent years due to their potential benefits in reducing stress levels while improving focus, among other things. Recognizing this trend, Audible introduced sleep stories along with guided meditations intended to help listeners relax before bedtime. The soothing voices coupled with calming soundscapes provide the perfect backdrop for the listener’s mind to unwind after a long day of work.

It should be noted, however, that not all the services mentioned above might be available across every region worldwide due to restrictions imposed by either local laws/regulations or licensing agreements.

The Audible Exchange Policy: A Game Changer

One of the standout features that sets Audible apart from other audiobook services is its exchange policy. Known as the Great Listen Guarantee, this feature allows users to return or swap any audiobook they didn’t enjoy.

A Deep Dive into The Great Listen Guarantee

This unique offering underlines how much Audible values their members’ satisfaction with their chosen titles. If you’re not content with an audiobook, it’s simple to switch it within a year of buying.

It’s worth noting that if your purchases were made using credits obtained through your Audible membership plan, those are returned upon a successful exchange. This essentially grants unlimited access to explore different genres and authors until you discover ones that align perfectly with your tastes.

Navigating The Great Listen Guarantee Feature

To leverage this feature, all you need to do is head over to your purchase history in either the website version or the free Audible app on your device. From there, select “Return” next to the title and follow the Amazon customer service prompts linked directly to your Amazon account.

Please remember, however, that while these policies offer flexibility, they’re not designed for misuse. Excessive returns could lead to a loss of privileges, so always ensure fair usage when enjoying your favorite books.

Enhancing Your Audiobook Experience with Exchanges

  1. An important aspect of exchanges without incurring additional costs means that every credit spent should bring joy rather than disappointment.
  2. You effectively get more great books per subscription, enhancing the overall experience while keeping costs down—definitely something worth considering.
  3. Last but certainly not least, take advantage of the regularly updated section called “Audible Originals,” which holds exclusive platform-only content specifically created for subscribers.

These tips will help maximize the benefits derived from the generous policies offered by the platform,


Understanding Audible and its offerings has never been easier. Depending on which plan you choose, Audible members can access up to 24 audiobooks each month.

Audible’s benefits extend beyond their vast library; exclusive content and member discounts make it even more appealing. The ease of signing up for an Audible subscription is matched by the simplicity of downloading your favorite books onto various devices.

Beyond audiobooks, podcasts and original audio series add yet another layer to this platform’s versatility and popularity.