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Exploring The World Of Audiobook Narrators: Interviews With The Best In The Business

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Exploring the world of audiobook narrators can be an intimidating prospect. With so many types to choose from, it’s hard to know who will bring your book or story to life in just the right way.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide: a comprehensive look at how to find top-tier narration for your project, directly from some of the very best narrators in the business!

Not only do these professionals provide a wealth of experience and knowledge, having collectively narrated over 1000 individual books and stories between them, but they also offer invaluable insight into navigating this fascinating industry.

We sat down with Natalie Naudus, Sean Crisden, Imogen Church, and Adenrele Ojo—all outstanding narrators—and heard about their personal journeys, as well as tips that can help readers write their own success stories through audio storytelling.

Join us on our literary quest as we unravel what goes into professional voiceover recording!

Exploring The World Of Audiobook Narrators: Interviews With The Best In The Business

Exploring The World Of Audiobook Narrators: Interviews With The Best In The Business

Key Takeaways

  • Professional audiobook narration is a unique element of this medium that can enhance readers’ immersion into any story. It requires careful talent selection, timing and pacing in order to ensure that listeners remain engaged.
  • Successful narrators possess deep vocal ranges and are able to portray characters with emotional depth and breathless excitement.
  • The top 5 audiobook narration companies provide comprehensive services, such as audio editing, sound design, custom dream teams tailored specifically for projects, and an online marketplace where voiceover talent can be matched with authors.
  • Prolific narrators like Natalie Naudus, Sean Crisden, Imogen Church and Adenrele Ojo have all had their own unique journeys in achieving success within the industry, and now showcase their professional knowledge of storytelling techniques that bring fictional characters alive!
  • These master craftsmen are revolutionizing multimedia presentations across all forms of entertainment media by constantly innovating ways to deliver quality content at affordable prices.

The Importance of Good Narration in Audiobooks

Exploring The World Of Audiobook Narrators: Interviews With The Best In The Business

Exploring The World Of Audiobook Narrators: Interviews With The Best In The Business

With a good narrator, an audiobook can transport listeners to another world of magical sounds and immersive storytelling experiences. To achieve this effect, it takes the work of skilled professionals with precisely the right vocal talents for each story.

Exploring The World Of Audiobook Narrators: Interviews With The Best In The Business

Exploring The World Of Audiobook Narrators: Interviews With The Best In The Business

What is audiobook narration?

Audiobook narration is the process of recording voice-overs of written books for people to listen to. The purpose is to enhance their experience and create a deeper connection with the material being narrated.

This type of storytelling requires careful talent selection, timing and pacing in order to ensure that listeners remain engaged throughout the duration of an audiobook. Typical narrators may include professional voice actors, stage actors, or even authors reading their own work.

Recordings are typically done in studios, but can also be done remotely from home. A well-executed audiobook narration can lead to increased sales and critical acclaim for both producers and performance artists alike.

How is it different from reading a book?

Audiobook narration is a unique experience that offers an immersive narrative journey to readers. Unlike the traditional paper book or e-book, audio recordings allow listeners to perform other tasks, such as cleaning the house or exercising, while taking in a story’s plot and characters.

In addition, audiobooks provide subtle nuances of auditory stimuli that cannot be replicated through reading alone; narrators often breathe life into stories by drawing upon their own individual styles and inflections.

It is this uniquely rich listening experience that helps drive comprehension levels higher—research has found that there isn’t any significant difference in terms of comprehension between listeners who read stories closely versus those who listen passively without paying much attention.

Even in situations where AI programs are employed as narrators, sound effects and longer pauses for dramatic effect can still help shape reader engagement with the material at hand.

Who are the typical narrators of audiobooks?

When it comes to audiobook narration, voiceover artists play a major role in shaping the listener’s experience by providing emotional depth and breathless excitement when needed. It takes talent to bring a written story alive with vocal delivery and storytelling techniques that are unique among narrators.

Exploring The World Of Audiobook Narrators: Interviews With The Best In The Business

Exploring The World Of Audiobook Narrators: Interviews With The Best In The Business

Audible also points out other factors that can make or break an audiobook production, such as proper interpretation of a text (pausing at the right places) and different phrasing for dialogue between characters.

Common genres include fiction novels, short stories, novellas, plays and poetry. While some audiobooks include multiple talented performers adding their voices to create soundscapes, similar to radio theater productions or full cast recordings, one primary narrator usually handles the bulk of the work: That is why selecting a capable performer to convey all emotions, from sad moments to humorous anecdotes, is key when producing an entire book.

Prolific narrators working today possess deep ranges, enabling them to handle various gendered roles, character`s accents, fast-paced dialogue exchanges, and narration from several perspectives, including first-person and third-person points of view.

Insider Interviews with Top Audiobook Narrators

Exploring The World Of Audiobook Narrators: Interviews With The Best In The Business

Exploring The World Of Audiobook Narrators: Interviews With The Best In The Business

Get inside the minds of some of today’s top audiobook narrators to learn their tips and tricks for success in this industry. Unearth inspiring stories on their narrator journeys, from author requests and dealing with technical issues to creative collaborations and fascinating literary adventures!

Natalie Naudus

Natalie Naudus is an audiobook narrator recognized for her achievements in the industry, including four Audie awards and three Earphones awards. She began as a school music teacher before transitioning to voice acting with a focus on audiobooks.

Despite never having taken formal vocal training, her natural talent and background in opera eventually led to her successful narration of over 400 titles for some of the top companies worldwide.

She left her teaching job to pursue this passion full-time from home, where she now lives with her family in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains.

Sean Crisden

Sean Crisden is an experienced and talented audiobook narrator with a decade in the business. He has made his mark on the industry by narrating books and series in every imaginable genre, from psychological thrillers to family dramas.

His recognition and awards include AudioFile Earphones Awards for some of his narration work.

Crisden’s versatile acting abilities also contribute to his success as a narrator; he is known for bringing characters alive with real emotion and vocal energy, giving readers an immersive audio experience they won’t soon forget.

Imogen Church

Imogen Church is one of the most beloved audiobook narrators in the world. She has an impressive catalog of titles under her name, having laced thrills and memorable story arcs into countless popular novels.

Her works span many genres, ranging from thrillers to fantasy and mystery stories, with her sharp acting skills bringing characters to life like few others can. For crime writing fanatics everywhere, Imogen’s talent for portraying gritty characters provides true edge-of-your seat entertainment.

A native British voice actress renowned for her engaging voices and dynamic range, Imogen Church collaborated with well-known authors such as Ruth Ware on The Turn Of The Key and Michelle Frances on The Temp—building strong author relationships as she goes along.

According to insider interviews with top audiobook narrators, such as Natalie Naudus, Sean Crisden and Adenrele Ojo, Imogen is particularly celebrated for her emotive characterization when it comes to storytelling techniques that bring fictional characters truly alive. She skillfully conveys both suspenseful moments and vital dialogue between dynamic protagonists and antagonists alike.

Adenrele Ojo

Adenrele Ojo is an award-winning audiobook narrator, stage and screen actor, and a woman of many talents. Born in Philadelphia, but currently residing in Los Angeles via New York City, Ojo has narrated a wide variety of projects over the years, with her prominent work being featured in Stacey Abrams’ audiobook ROGUE JUSTICE.

Ojo’s talent for mystery and suspense genre narration was also recognized by AudioFile Magazine when she received the Special Recognition Award – Mystery Voices 2018.

Apart from her individual accomplishments, Adenrele has become part of something bigger due to her enthralling voice acting artistry—a group of strong black female narrators are dominating the industry, as well as garnering attention from millions all around the world. This includes Geri Coady, Bahni Turpin and Robin Miles, among others who Adenrele stands tall alongside.

Whether it’s sci-fi or historical fiction; mysteries or thrillers; young adult novels or fantasy tales, Ojo invests herself heavily into every project, graciously providing unique accents if requested by authors.

Her journey further expands beyond several boundaries — voiceover work, animated series like Transformers Rescue Bots: Adventures In Time, voiced commercial. She is considered a prominent figure among popular Black Narrators who are leading today’s audiobook world with true excellence.

Key Takeaways on the Top Audiobook Narration Companies

The top 5 audiobook narration companies offer unique and valuable contributions to the industry. We interviewed some of the most successful narrators working exclusively with these impressive audio creation houses.

From MindStir Media, which features experienced narrators and editors, to ACX’s dedicated network of filmmakers and sound designers, each of these companies brings something special to audiobook production.

Each has their own individual strengths that they bring to the table in terms of provided services—ACX focuses on creating an immersive experience through Technicolor-style sound design, while offers an online marketplace where voiceover talent can be matched with authors seeking narration services. Bunny Studio is well known for its quick turnaround time, and Findaway Voices builds custom dream teams tailored specifically to particular onscreen projects.

These 5 companies combine expertise in both technology and storytelling, while revolutionizing multimedia presentations, making them particularly remarkable not just in the field of audiobooks, but across all forms of entertainment media!

Each company plays a significant role in shaping evolving trends within the digital audio landscape, constantly innovating ways to provide quality content at affordable prices, and impacting how stories are being told around the world every day.

As such, many publishers now look to them when seeking professional full-scale audiobook production.


The world of audiobook narration is a thrilling adventure, full of remarkable insights and powerful stories from some of the best narrators in the business. Our interviews shed light on varying perspectives, from Natalie Naudus’ interactive approach to Sean Crisden’s creative energy to Adenrele Ojo’s tale-spinning perspective.

Through these master narrators, we learn that no two paths are alike; each narrator has had their own unique journey to achieve success as a professional audio performer. In addition to highlighting top-performing companies like MindStir Media, ACX,, Bunny Studio and Findaway Voices, this article also offers practical tips for authors seeking expert narration, such as soliciting ratings or picking specific genres for review requests.

As this industry continues to grow and evolve, it is clear that professional audiobook narrators will continue to play an invaluable role in bringing books alive with immersive experiences designed specifically for listeners looking for literary adventures beyond reading the words themselves.


1. What skills do audiobook narrators need?

Audiobook narrators need a good understanding of pacing and tone, the ability to read clearly while adding inflection and emotion to their performance, basic audio engineering knowledge, and strong acting or storytelling chops.

2. How can I become an audiobook narrator?

To become an audiobook narrator, you will need to develop your narration skills through practice and workshops, as well as gain experience by doing voice-over work for podcasts, commercials, or animation voices. You should also research the industry online and network with existing audiobook professionals in order to find new opportunities.

3. Are there any special considerations for recording books in different genres?

Yes, depending on the genre of book you are recording, it may be necessary to adjust your reading style accordingly in order to stay true to the author’s intent. For example, when narrating fantasy fiction, it’s important that characters have unique voices, and when recording a thriller, tension needs to be expressed through heightened vocal dynamics.

4. Is it difficult being an audiobook narrator?

That depends on individual levels of talent and dedication, but if you approach it systematically by attaining the necessary technical skills and seeking specific projects related to knowledge, then becoming a successful professional might not be all that daunting!