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How Long Do Audiobooks Take To Download?

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When it comes to downloading audiobooks, there are many factors that can affect the duration of a download. As an avid audiobook reader, I’ve spent years testing various approaches to find out how long these downloads usually take.

With this article, I will break down the various factors that may influence your download time and offer some helpful tips on reducing it. Did you know that according to data, most books run for approximately 10 hours (280 MB), which can be downloaded at 28 MB per hour? To ensure successful downloads every time and spend less time waiting for files to complete loading, let’s get started with how long audiobooks usually take to download.

How Long Do Audiobooks Take To Download?

How Long Do Audiobooks Take To Download?

Factors Affecting Audiobook Download Speed

How Long Do Audiobooks Take To Download?

How Long Do Audiobooks Take To Download?

There are a variety of factors that can impact how long an audiobook will take to download, including the file size of the book and the strength of your internet connection.

File size

When downloading an audiobook, file size is a primary factor that can affect how long it takes. The download speed will depend on the size of the audio file. Generally, each hour of an audiobook will lead to 28 MB being downloaded for storage, without any other processing taking place—that’s 350MB for a full-length 10-hour book, on average.

How Long Do Audiobooks Take To Download?

How Long Do Audiobooks Take To Download?

However, this number may vary depending on the quality and duration of your audio files, as well as what device you’re using to stream or download them from. High-quality recordings take up more space than poorer quality recordings, while longer stories require larger file sizes than shorter ones, due to containing multiple hours’ worth of content.

Basically, if you plan to be streaming an audiobook over data (instead of WiFi), it’s important to remember that your monthly usage allowance may be drained faster by large high-quality titles, even with limited playback times, as compared to lower fidelity but smaller files.

Internet speed

Fast, reliable internet access is essential for downloading audiobooks quickly and efficiently. Download speed is determined by the user’s broadband internet connection, including its type (DSL, cable, fiber optic), service provider quality, and network congestion.

Streaming speeds are also important, as they determine how long it takes to transfer data from a website or app to your computer or device—the higher the streaming speed, the faster your book will download.

WiFi signal strength can have an effect on both download and streaming speeds; if there’s interference from other networks in nearby areas, this could slow down downloads considerably.

How Long Do Audiobooks Take To Download?

How Long Do Audiobooks Take To Download?

Tips for Faster Audiobook Downloads

To maximize your audiobook downloading process, make sure to use a fast internet connection, choose off-peak hours for downloading, ensure sufficient space on the device you’re using to store it, and close other apps while the download is pending.

To maximize your audiobook downloading process, make sure to use a fast internet connection, choose off-peak hours for downloading, ensure sufficient space on the device you're using to store it, and close other apps while the download is pending.

How Long Do Audiobooks Take To Download?

Use a high-speed internet connection

This is essential for faster audiobook downloads, as the file size of an audiobook can range from as low as 28 MB per hour to more than 300 MB, which would take a considerable time to download over slow internet connections.

Additionally, when transferring large files often used in downloading audio books, having a fast internet connection may help to significantly reduce download times. 

It’s recommended to use a high-speed connection, such as fiber bandwidths or digital subscriber lines (DSL), which boast speeds of up to 1000 mbps, allowing you to transfer large audio files quickly and efficiently.

Download during off-peak hours

Taking advantage of off-peak hours is an effective way for audiobook lovers to get their digital downloads done faster. During the day, when internet traffic is especially high, download speeds can be incredibly slow due to congestion on the network, leading to long wait times for files to download.

Off-peak hours, such as late at night or early morning, tend to have significantly less web traffic, allowing audiobooks and other large files to be downloaded more quickly due to the available  bandwidth.

Additionally, users can reduce further delays caused by competing downloads from other apps by closing them during their audiobook downloading process.

Ensure sufficient storage space on device

When downloading audiobooks, it’s important to make sure that there is sufficient storage space on the device. It’s easy to overlook how much space an audiobook can take up, as the file size will depend on the length of the audio title, with a 350mb average size per hour.

Running out of memory when downloading an audiobook can be frustrating and time-consuming. To avoid running into problems, you should always check available memory before starting your download.

If needed, delete any unnecessary files or apps from your device and consider investing in external storage options, such as USB drives, for additional space when needed. Taking these precautions beforehand will ensure that you have a smooth experience that won’t leave you waiting for hours while trying to redownload a lost file!

Close other apps while downloading.

As audiobooks can be rather large files and take time to download, it’s important to ensure that downloads are completed as efficiently as possible. Closing other apps while downloading an audiobook will speed up the process, since the device will not be multitasking on multiple operations at once.

When internet capabilities or the RAM of a device are being stretched thin from trying to run many programs simultaneously, this can significantly slow down the rate of data transfer and downloads from server to device.

This makes it difficult for download servers to keep up with requests for new downloads, resulting in processing issues or long waiting times if there is too much traffic on a particular server.


In conclusion, audiobooks have become increasingly popular due to their convenience and easy access. Download times vary depending on the file size of the book, as well as your internet speed, typically amounting to around 28 MB per hour for 10-hour books.

However, you can improve download speed by using a high-speed internet connection and downloading during off-peak hours. Most audiobook platforms allow cancellations or deletions from libraries, so you don’t need to worry if you change your mind part way through a download! With these simple tips at hand, now it’s time for all avid readers—or listeners—to explore new worlds in no time with audiobooks!


1. How long does it take to download an audiobook?

The time needed to download an audiobook depends on the size of the book and your internet connection speed. In general, downloading an audiobook can take anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes.

2. Where can I find downloadable audiobooks?

You can find downloadable audiobooks at various online retailers, such as Audible or Amazon, or even through some public libraries if they offer digital titles for loan.

3. Is there anything I need before downloading an audiobook?

Yes, you will need a compatible device that supports the format of the downloaded file, such as a laptop computer or smartphone. Some formats are also supported by devices like mp3 players and smart speakers with voice assistants like Alexa or Google Home Mini.

4. Does downloading an audiobook cost anything? 

It depends on where you get them from; most websites that allow downloads will charge either for individual books, subscription plans, rentals etc., but some may be free, depending on your local library system’s policy regarding digital content and lending options.

5. Are there any special instructions when downloading an audiobook?

Yes, always make sure to follow all instructions carefully when attempting any kind of download. Also, take into consideration factors such as available storage space, file size limits, and permitted usage scenarios before proceeding.